Five Warrior Syllables 2014

Weekend Retreat: Feb. 1–2, 2014

Healing with Sound: The Five Warrior Syllables

five warrior syllableswith John Jackson

Since ancient times, meditative practices from many spiritual traditions have used sound and its vibration as an essential tool for healing and spiritual development. The Tibetan Bon Buddhist tradition is one of the oldest unbroken lineages of wisdom that uses sound for the well-being of its practitioners.

The Five Warrior Syllables practice relies on the power of sound to help heal physical illness, clear psychological and energetic disturbances, and support the spiritual practitioner to abide with clear and open awareness. Guided by the mind and carried by the subtle breath through the channels and chakras of the body, the power of sound helps to uncover positive qualities such as love, compassion, joy and equanimity.

Through practicing with five sacred and powerful sounds known as the Five Warrior Syllables, we transform our lives and discern a clear path that begins with openness and leads to spontaneous, virtuous action in the world.

Tenzin Wangyal Rinpoche’s book on the topic, Tibetan Sound Healing, is available from Ligmincha Institute’s Bookstore & Tibet Shop

John Jackson blue shirt2John Jackson is director of the Chamma Ling Retreat Center in the Sangre de Cristo mountains near Crestone, Colorado, is co-leader of The Three Doors Academy of Europe and has been practicing meditation for 35 years. He has taught meditation at Ligmincha Institute and related centers across the United States and Europe since 2001. John is a professor and former assistant dean at the University of Virginia School of Medicine. He is known for his warm, simple and easygoing teaching style.

SCHEDULE:  Saturday 9 a.m.– 6 p.m. Sunday 9 a.m.–1 p.m. 

Retreat cost: $125 (includes meals; accommodations available for additional fee)


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