Winter Retreat 2013

WINTER RETREAT: Dec. 27, 2013–Jan. 1, 2014


with Geshe Tenzin Wangyal Rinpoche

TWR70bWinter is a time when nature draws its energies inward to rest and renew itself for the coming season. After a year filled with external activity for many of us, we also need a time to turn inward—to reflect, process what we have learned, meditate, find our center and rest in the stillness of the nature of mind.

This year’s Annual Winter Retreat will offer us the very special opportunity to do just that. Geshe Tenzin Wangyal Rinpoche warmly invites everyone to join him for six days of dzogchen meditation and practice in an atmosphere of introspective silence. All are welcome to attend this special practice retreat—from those who have completed part or all of the Experiential Transmission series, to those who have done other dzogchen retreats, to those who are exploring dzogchen for the first time.

Dzogchen, known as the “great perfection,” is considered the highest teaching in Tibetan Buddhism. Its fundamental tenet is that reality, including the individual, is already complete and perfect, that nothing needs to be transformed (as in tantra) or renounced (as in sutra) but only recognized for what it truly is. The essential dzogchen practice is "self-liberation"—allowing all that arises in experience to exist just as it is, without elaboration by the conceptual mind, without grasping or aversion.

During this retreat, Rinpoche will present and guide a selection of dzogchen practices from the ancient Bon texts. All time with Rinpoche will be spent in practice and meditation. The atmosphere of respectful silence will enable us to integrate our practice into every moment of the day.

A Space for Silence and Practice

This is the first time a silent retreat has been offered at Serenity Ridge, and the first time that an entire dzogchen retreat will emphasize practice. There will be time for sharing as well as opportunities to ask questions of Rinpoche during our time in the gompa (meditation hall). For those of us who are Rinpoche’s students, it’s a wonderful opportunity to process the bounty of teachings that Rinpoche has shared with us over the years and to become more stable in our own practice. For new students, it’s an opportunity to participate in a period of intensive meditation and practice that will help you discover the true nature of mind.

To create an atmosphere that fully supports our turning inward, participants are asked to maintain respectful silence except for brief essential conversation. Rinpoche asks that silence be observed throughout all areas, indoor and outside, at Serenity Ridge.

As a basis for our time together during the week, Rinpoche will select a variety of practices from Bon dzogchen oral traditions. Sources will include the Experiential Transmission from the Zhang Zhung Nyam Gyu, and the larger text of the Zhang Zhung Nyen Gyu, which includes teachings such as the Twenty-One Nails and Six Lamps.

Simultaneous live translation into Spanish. Con traducción simultánea al Español, en vivo. Para más información comuníquese con la oficina del Instituto Ligmincha. 


Retreat cost: $475 received by Dec. 2; $550 received after Dec. 2.

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